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"Little Joe"; Model H; One Color

"Little Joe"; Model HD; TwoColor

Used mostly by lithographic ink makers, UV flexo ink makers, and printers to check the color of their ink formulations the Little Joe is also used for research and development, and quality control by the ink maker.

Suppliers to the ink industry such as pigment manufacturers can check their raw materials by printing samples of ink made with their product.

Companies who sell other products to the ink and printing industries such as paper and overcoat varnish manufacturers can also benefit by checking their own products and how they interact with ink on the printed sheet.


A Typical Order:

Qty ........Description

1............"Little Joe" Mod. H; one color or "Little Joe" Model HD, two color

1.............Hand Brayer (Two are needed for a two color "Little Joe")

1 ............Printing plate; Solid (Two are needed for a two color "Little Joe")

1 ............Volumeter (Two are needed for a two color "Little Joe")

2 - 6....... Blankets

Accessory Descriptions:

Can Printing Attachment: Permits printing on standard two piece aluminum cans. Mandrels for other size cans and cylindrical objects can be made at additional cost. For use on Model H & HD Little Joe's only.

Hand Brayer; Buna-N: This is our standard hand brayer. High quality. Used for most inks. About 30 durometer.

Hand Brayer; EPDM: Used for UV inks only. About 35 Durometer.

Replacement Rollers: Replacement rollers for use on Little Joe hand brayers.

Printing Plate; Solid: Used to make 4 x 6 inch solid prints of your ink. Special order plates are available with company logos and screens.

Volumeter (pipette): This is used to meter out ink for use on your Little Joe. It measures ink in 0.2 cc increments.

Letterpress Attachment: A paper clamp that affixes to the blanket cylinder to facilitate putting paper around the blanket cylinder (over the blanket). This way ink is transferred from the printing plate directly to the paper.

Torque Screw Driver: Used to tighten blankets around the blanket cylinder to a known "tightness." Especially useful in facilities with several Little Joe's.


Note: Blankets with the H prefix are for use on one color Little Joe's, those with the HD prefix are for use on two color Little Joe's.

H 3000 & HD 3000: Our standard blanket. A compressible blanket that has a ground and buffed surface.

H 8212 & HD 8212: A non-compressible blanket.

H 8100 & HD 8100: A compressible blanket for use with UV inks.