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ADM Automatic Draw Down Machine
from Little Joe Industries

"Little Joe" ADM-1 Automatic Draw Down Machine

"Little Joe" ADM-2 Automatic Draw Down Machine

Now get more consistent use of grind gages using the ADM automatic draw down machine from Little Joe Industries.

Compare the benefits of the ADM to using grind gages manually:

  • Removes operator variables.

  • Smooth motorized scraper movement.

  • Rigidly held scraper provides consistent scraper angle.

  • Consistent and accurate scraper force adjustable from 1.75 to 6 Kgs (3.5 to 13 pounds).

  • Allows less operator training and supervision on proper grind gage use.

  • Uses existing grind gages and scrapers from your current supplier.

The ADM comes in two models, the single-speed ADM-1, and the multi-speed ADM-2.

The ADM-1 takes ten seconds to move the scraper the length of the grind gage for use with paste coatings only.

The speed of the ADM-2 is adjustable from one to ten seconds and is for use with liquid and paste coatings.

The scraper is held at an 85-degree angle. This allows using each side of the scraper twice, giving in effect a scraper with four edges instead of just two which doubles the life of each scraper compared to a 90-degree angle. However, 90-degree versions are available by special order.

The ADM also makes color comparison draw downs on draw down pads using a scraper. This requires the purchase of a Draw Down Kit. The Draw Down Kit consists of a clip board to hold your draw down pads, a scraper adapter, and one scraper.

We designed the ADM to be durable, which protects your investment, and simple which keeps the price reasonable.

Specifications subject to change.

Grind gages not included.

US and foreign patents apply.