About Us

Little Joe Industries specializes in the precision manufacturing of specialty equipment for the industries that work with printing, cosmetics, electronics, pharmaceutical, inks, pigments and coatings.


Outstanding quality and precision are the hallmarks of Little Joe Industries presses and draw-down machines. It has always been our policy and mission to build simple, durable equipment that’s made to last a long time. Our equipment is made entirely in the USA, mostly in our own factory in Central New Jersey.


The original Little Joe press was designed in the mid 1960s. The designers hired a manufacturing company in New Jersey to build it, and that company subsequently bought the Little Joe rights, advanced the design, and introduced the Model H Little Joe.

In 1991, Little Joe Industries purchased the designs and the manufacturing company. Little Joe Industries designed and introduced the ADM Automatic Draw-Down Machine in the late 1990s, and continues to manufacture and market the products today, from its headquarters in Hillsborough, New Jersey.


Equipment from Little Joe Industries typically requires little service, if any, due to our extremely tight manufacturing standards.

Most orders for accessories are shipped within 2 days; Orders for new presses and draw-down machines are usually fulfilled within 7 days.

On that rare occasion when your equipment does need service, Little Joe responds quickly so you experience the least possible inconvenience.